As a writer, it seems a strange thought to have to ‘get technical’ and create an author website. However, if you want to find the perfect reader for your books (well, ideally more than one!) then you need to have somewhere they can find you but also find out more about you. It is a little like the Victorian custom of having a calling card, only this is a 21st Century calling card and setting up an online presence isn’t as scary as you might think. You’ll need to choose a name for your site that no-one else has and then find somewhere to hostRead More →

For some people, especially those with creative tendencies, it can seem a scary concept to set up your own website. But I can assure you, even the least technical person can manage to create a basic author site. If you are familiar with using a search engine, you have all the skills you need. It really is as simple as following a few step-by-step instructions. There are two ways of creating your own website: By using a blogging network like or By creating your own from scratch. Issues With is free but isn’t ideal. This, if you aren’t aware, is a contentRead More →